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Google Chrome on iOS Gets New Features Like Enhanced Safe Browsing, AutoFill Passwords

Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers in the world, has recently introduced several new features on its iOS version. These features are aimed at enhancing the user experience and increasing the security of browsing activities. Let’s take a look at some of the new features.

Enhanced Safe Browsing

The enhanced safe browsing feature in Google Chrome on iOS is designed to protect users from phishing and other malicious activities. It works by checking the website you are trying to access against a list of known unsafe sites. If the website is deemed unsafe, you will receive a warning message.

This feature also scans downloaded files for malware and alerts you if it finds anything suspicious. This is particularly useful if you often download files from the internet.

AutoFill Passwords

The AutoFill passwords feature is another new addition to Google Chrome on iOS. This feature allows you to save your login credentials for different websites, so you don’t have to remember them every time you log in.

Once you have saved your passwords, Chrome will automatically fill in your login details when you visit the website again. This saves you time and ensures that you never forget your login information.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is another popular feature that has been added to Google Chrome on iOS. This feature changes the background color of the browser from white to black, making it easier on the eyes in low light conditions. It also helps to conserve battery life on your device.

To enable dark mode, simply go to the Settings menu in Chrome, tap on “Themes,” and select “Dark.” You can also choose to have dark mode enabled all the time or only when your device is in dark mode.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts is a new feature that allows you to perform certain actions in Chrome using Siri. For example, you can create a shortcut that opens a specific website or searches for something on the web.

To set up a Siri Shortcut, go to the Settings menu in Chrome and select “Siri Shortcuts.” You can then choose from a list of actions and assign a voice command to each one.


Google Chrome on iOS continues to evolve with new features that enhance the user experience and increase security. The enhanced safe browsing feature, AutoFill passwords, dark mode, and Siri Shortcuts are just a few examples of the new features that have been introduced. If you’re an iOS user, be sure to update your Chrome browser to take advantage of these new features. Besides, Chrome on iOS clients is likewise getting a patched-up interface that is pointed towards making it simpler for them to find new happiness or begin a new inquiry. Clients can in any case see the new tabs and now and again visited the site. The organization said that this change will likewise advance toward Android soon.

Following up, Chrome for iPhone and iPad clients are likewise getting further developed site language interpretation utilizing on-gadget AI. Chrome will naturally interpret the site for clients to match their inclinations. The refreshed language recognizable proof model will want to sort out the language of the site too precisely. Ultimately, Google will before long include Chrome Actions iOS for clients to get things rapidly from the Chrome address bar. Clients will want to track down the ideal activity by basically composing its title in the location bar. It will want to carry out roles like Clear Browsing Data, Open Incognito Tab, and Set Chrome as Default Browser.

To set up AutoFill secret word include on iOS, clients can go to Settings on their iPhones and iPads > Select Passwords. Then follow the prompts to open their iPhone or iPad, Select AutoFill Passwords > Enable AutoFill Passwords > Select Chrome > Follow the on-screen directions to wrap setting up the new element.

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